How to shoot underwater with your phone [VIDEO]

I love the ocean, so it was inevitable that I'd use my iPhone 6s to shoot underwater.

With the Watershot Splash case in hand and the Filmic Pro app at the ready I headed out to Maluaka Beach, known as Prince Beach to locals, on the south coast of the Hawaiian island of Maui - while on holiday.

I soon discovered that shooting underwater with a phone is hugely difficult. So, here are some tips:

1. Press record before you go underwater: Pressing record underwater is not easy. I found it easier to surface and press record before heading back down.

2. Beware that recording may stop on its own: I noticed that depending on the power of the waves the phone's screen mistook the water's movement for my finger and stopped recording. Luckily there is a way around this. If you make sure there is a bit of air in your case so you can't easily press the screen, you can use the volume buttons to start and stop recording. However, you can only do this using the camera app that comes standard on the phone. In my case I was using Filmic Pro (who have yet to introduce this feature).

3. If you can't see the screen take an educated guess: Despite being in the crystal clear waters of Maui, it was difficult to see what I was shooting when underwater. I suggest a good mask and snorkel to allow you the time to have a good look at your screen - something I didn't have available.

4. Be safe and aware of your surroundings: Maui has dangerous shorebreaks, shallow reefs, and plenty of people around. Navigating all of these obstacles and trying to get the image I needed was not an easy task - but not impossible. Remember, your safety comes first. If in doubt, don't go out.

So what was the outcome of this experience? Two hours of filming and one hour of editing came up with the short film at the top of the post.

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