The best tripod for making videos on your phone [VIDEO]

Steady video is an important element to your audience enjoying, and sticking around to watch, your video.

You don't want your viewers to feel like they're on a rollercoaster or on a boat in rough seas...

If you're starting with no budget I always tell people to use what they have. This may be a selfie stick you have lying around, maybe you can prop it up between some books.

But if someone has money to spend, the question I often get asked is, 'what's the best tripod to buy'.

I recommend the Gorilla Pod SLR by Joby and the GripTight One mount (or other tripod mount like the Arkon).

I consider this tripod to be the best on the market because it works in almost any situation. Let me explain... watch the video below.

In the video above I mention two videos created on my iPhone using the tripod I show you. I have included them below below:

The Ocean


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