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Anyone can shoot mobile video

When DSLR cameras became relatively inexpensive the saying, 'everyone's a photographer', quickly followed.

Now high-quality video cameras are simply a feature included in your mobile's array of apps. This accessibility means anyone can shoot video... but not everyone can shoot good video!

Social media apps such as Snapchat, Periscope and Vine have given amateurs a simple and inexpensive platform to create and share video - But how many times have you lost interest part way through a video?

The reasons these videos fall short is due to the absence of some simple filming guidelines:


It's not just a matter of pressing record, you need to know what you want to convey. If you are unclear you can't communicate properly to your viewers. Plan before you press record (even if it's one minute before you start filming).


Smartphones aren't designed to get amazing audio, so how do you overcome this? There are a variety of methods and gear options available but a cheap and easy fix for getting clear audio while you are talking on camera is to use the headset provided with your phone.


Smartphones pick up each tremor of movement, which creates a shaky image. Brace yourself or the camera against a sturdy object to minimise this effect.

To learn more about how to Get Ahead and distinguish yourself from the crowd with great video check out our Smartphone Video Production, or Advanced Filming and Editing courses.

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About the author
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Frankie Jago is a online video expert who helps businesses take advantage of using video to grow their audience and enhance their sales processes. She focusses on simple techniques for people to easily create videos themselves entirely on their smartphone. 

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