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VIDEO: Our 48 hour iPhone short film entry

So the 48 Hours film journey is over for us, but now it's time for what you've been waiting for... the finished film.

Firstly a bit of background on how our weekend went (but just head to the bottom of the page to see the film if you're not interested in this section). With a team of four people either with very young children at home or pregnant it was important to me that everyone got a full nights sleep for both nights - which they did. It's important to take care of your crew as they are working for free.

Meet the team below:

I went to the Wellington launch on Friday night and was given the following elements:

Genre: One-location

Prop: Wool

Line of dialogue: One more time

Character: Charlie Flowers (a thoughtful person)

Tech shot: Rack focus

Note: See if you can pick out all the elements when you watch the film.

Being that it was miserable weather that weekend we were blessed to be forced to stick to one location. Naturally we chose an indoor one, where we could control all the elements.

So we sat down that night and wrote out our story and shots. We had enough of an idea sorted by 10pm.

And where did our story idea come from? Well you can thank the producer for her binge watching of British crime dramas for weeks before the competition. I'm not a fan of gore, and would generally not opt to shoot a horror or thriller - but hey, it was meant to be a fun, challenging and experimental weekend.

The next day we started shooting at around 10am on Saturday and wrapped around 10pm that night. It was a fun-filled day and the team worked together to adapt the script/story as we went along, the Production Manager/Assistant Director kept me on track with shots, and my actor did a great job acting against no one (which is not easy), as well as being covered in blood and offal for most of the day.

There was one casualty from the weekend when my mini shotgun microphone met a bucket of water. Thankfully we had almost finished recording for the day and the microphone made a full recovery after spending the night in a bucket of rice.

Editing started at 10pm, but editing in bed (because you edit anywhere on a phone) meant I kinda just fell asleep by midnight - but I did have a rough edit completed anyway. I started again the next morning, but moved to a big screen - so the team could see just what I was doing.

The final edit was completed just after lunch on Sunday, but given we had to convert to a particular format (as required by the competition), and my computer is ancient, it took a little over an hour to compress.

We headed to the finish line at 6:15pm so we could watch teams roll in during the final 30 minutes.

So here it is, the fruits of our labour.

Disclaimer: This film is for mature audiences and contains violent references and profanity.

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