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Five of the best video editing apps on Android (beginner to advanced) [VIDEO]

When it comes to editing video on your Android there are so many apps available. So here are the five best app which are either the easiest to use, fastest to produce video, or the best for professionally editing your masterpiece.

QUIK (Free)

As the name suggests this app is all about creating videos fast!

BEST FEATURE: It does the hard work for you and all you do is add videos or photos to an awesome pre-designed template.

But because this app does the work for you it means you have little control, but you can make some tweaks - clip trims, video duration, titles, and filters.

TO NOTE: The music supplied in the app is copyrighted, but when posting using the app you're covered. If you choose to post your video elsewhere you may get pulled up (such as on Facebook). You can change the music that's automatically added your video with one of your own.


Kick your video skills up a notch while still keeping it simple with this easy to use app.

You have two options with this app - the Done For You option or the Do It Yourself option.

The 'Done For You' option makes it really easy to quickly combine clips with music and decide on the right timing for the video.

But with the Do It Yourself option you have a more control over for trimming clips, fixing exposure and contrast, and adding a variety of filters.

BEST FEATURE: It's great for beginners wanting to try out video editing themselves but still having the ability to have the app do the hard work for you. Also as you grow with your video-making it can share video projects Adobe Premiere on desktop.

TO NOTE: You need to create a free Adobe account in order to use this app.

VIVA VIDEO (Free/$4.49)

VivaVideo is great for short video clips for social media.

Easily load clips and edit and trim them as needed. You can choose from over 200 video filters and various other effects and text, and even add music to your video. This app is not only easy to use but it makes creating short videos so much fun!

BEST FEATURE: Bright and colourful stickers to make your videos more quirky or fun.

TO NOTE: The free version comes with a watermark and a time limit but you can remove these restrictions by buying the pro version.


PowerDirector has heaps of features for the budding video editor, including quick editing tools, various effects and even comes with slow motion support and the ability to reverse your videos.

The app uses the classic timeline editor method (including multiple video/picture layers) but is a simplified version of a desktop video editing program. It's a great starting point for someone who wants to start controlling exactly how their video looks without getting overwhelmed with the amount of features and customisable elements.

BEST FEATURE: The slow motion tool makes it really easy for you quickly add slow motion effects to your clips.

TO NOTE: It’s free to download and use, but you’ll need pay to get all the features and get rid of the watermark.

KINEMASTER (Free/$5.99 - $39.99)

Definitely the best video editing app available for Android.

If you want to get serious making videos on your phone, then Kinemaster can help you do that. It takes all the basic elements of an easy to use app like Power Director and adds heaps of advanced features giving you complete control over your video masterpiece.

This powerful app includes multi-track editing (audio and video/photo), chroma key (for your green screen fans out there), various video effects and transitions, and colour grading for when you don't quite get it right when filming or want to give your video a different look. However, some advanced features may not be available depending on your phone model.

BEST FEATURE: There are many to choose from but the ability to use the chroma key option for green screen effects is the best I've seen on Android, and the multiple title templates can make your video stand out.

TO NOTE: It's free to download and use, but to remove the app's watermark you'll need to choose a purchase option (ranging from monthly and yearly payments).

This app is the closest you’ll get to desktop-style video-editing app on your Android device.

Which app do you like best or are you using? Leave a comment below!

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