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Mobile devices more common than toothbrushes [VIDEO]

Do you know more people own a mobile device than a toothbrush?

Erik Qualman's video The Social Revolution beautifully illustrates just how powerful mobile devices have become. If you were unaware of this increasing trend and thought smartphones were just for 'the young folk' then prepare to have your mind blown - the world is quickly changing!

"We don't have a choice whether we do social and mobile. The choice is how well we do it" - Erik Qualman

Qualman predicts that by 2018 video will account for over 2/3 of all mobile usage. ALL usage! Savvy organisations are already increasing their spending on video related content this year to ensure they are relevant for their markets.

Our courses upskill professionals in smartphone video creation so they can take control of making their own video content to stay ahead of the curve.

Are you prepared for the social revolution?

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