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Are you ready to get ahead? [VIDEO]

Today marks the official launch of Get Ahead Media, a New Zealand company equipping businesses and individuals with the skills needed to produce, shoot and edit broadcast quality content on smartphones, and leverage social media platforms to get their message out to their audience.

With media consumption and production rapidly changing video is a form of content news outlets and businesses constantly need to provide the general public.

Video engages viewers more than conventional media. People retain 80% of what they see, as opposed to 20% from what they read and 10% from what they hear.


Across many industries, companies are downsizing and expecting less people to do more.

We realise that people may have a wealth of knowledge after dedicating a lot of time to their job, but now they need to upskill to remain current and video has proven to be one of the most engaging forms of content.

Generally there isn't enough time to go back to school full time to learn a new skill, nor can people spend hours or months trying to figure it out for themselves.


We offer short courses to empower people with the skills relevant to getting either their careers or businesses ahead.

Smartphone video: Many of us have a smartphone, and once you learn the skills and techniques you can create broadcast-quality videos in the plam of your hands.

Social media: Most people are on some form of social media, but not all understand how to use it to its full potential to engage an audience for business purposes.

Check out our courses and get ahead today!

Get Ahead Media was founded by Francesca Jago an award-winning filmmaker, photographer and digital journalist who first started using smartphones to create films in 2012. She also teaches social media on a regular basis to journalism students.

The company is designed to help businesses and indivduals to get ahead in the digital race. It currently offers courses on smartphone video and social media, with plans to expland to other essential media skills in the future.

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Frankie Jago is a online video expert who helps businesses take advantage of using video to grow their audience and enhance their sales processes. She focusses on simple techniques for people to easily create videos themselves entirely on their smartphone. 

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