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5 reasons why Facebook is great for video

You've probably seen plenty of auto-play videos pop up on your Facebook News Feed, but do you know why it's good to upload videos to Facebook?

Here's a few facts on why using Facebook native video is great way to engage your audience:

1. BILLIONS OF VIEWS: Facebook users watch a collective 4 billion videos per day, up from 1 billion in September 2014. Seventy-five percent of these video views occur on mobile devices. Source

2. MOST SHARED CONTENT: Videos are the most-shared content on Facebook. Each video receives 89.5 shares on average, which is significantly more shares than photos or text-based posts. Shares are important to getting your brand and message out there. Source

3. MORE ENGAGEMENT: Posting just once or twice a day on Facebook gives an average of 40% more engagement than posting three or more times per day. Source

4. VIDEO IS IMPORTANT TO FACEBOOK: Facebook knows the importance of video and are constantly looking for ways to improve its usabilty on the site. Recently, Mark Zuckerberg stated that they are “also exploring ways to give people a dedicated place on Facebook for when [users] just want to watch videos”. Source

5. IMPROVED VIDEO METRICS: Facebook recently improved the way they collect video data, which can give users a good picture of how people are engaging with their video. Source

To learn more about how to engage your audience using video join us for our next smartphone video production course.

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Frankie Jago is a online video expert who helps businesses take advantage of using video to grow their audience and enhance their sales processes. She focusses on simple techniques for people to easily create videos themselves entirely on their smartphone. 

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