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How to create videos people will watch

Well done! If you are reading this chances are you either want to make more engaging videos or would like to add videos to your social media presence. Either way, you're taking the right step to reach a bigger audience.

Forrester Research revealed that a video is 53 times more likely to show up on page one of Google compared to text web pages.

But how do you create videos people will actually watch? Here are five simple tips to get your started:


Knowing who your target audience is will help you tailor your video directly to them. Not everyone will react to videos in the same way, so knowing who your audience is and how they think will help you engage them.


Before you begin shooting what specific message are you trying to tell your audience? Videos or video blogs are great to connect directly with your audience and increase your message, but you need to clearly identify what you want to share with them. Just because everyone else is doing it won’t keep them watching.


What is the purpose of your video? This will help determine the appropriate length. Educational videos can be longer but should remain focused on getting your points across in a clear and concise way. Promotional videos should around 30 seconds.

If you need to gets lots of information across you could consider making several shorter videos that each focus on one element rather than one long video. This allows the viewer to watch the topics that interest them most, which means they're more likely to watch the whole thing.


One of the main reasons people watch videos is because they want to be entertained, so add energy and be engaging! If people become bored they will stop watching. If you keep people interested they will watch the whole video and are more likely to watch other videos you produce.

Videos are an effective way to get people introduced to who you are and what you offer.


Depending on your audience you may wish to consider using a variety of social media sites to promote your message. YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Vine, just to name a few.

Think about which platforms your audience is using. Posting on multiple sites could reach a large portion of your target audience. However, you'll need to tailor the video to that platform.

To learn how to film professional videos using just your phone check out one of the following guides:

If you want to learn more about how to create and effectively use video, join us for an upcoming smartphone video course and Get Ahead today!

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Frankie Jago is a online video expert who helps businesses take advantage of using video to grow their audience and enhance their sales processes. She focusses on simple techniques for people to easily create videos themselves entirely on their smartphone. 

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