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Watch us make a short film in 48hours [VIDEO]

Photo: 48Hours Website

Have you tried making a short film in just 48hours? Well that's what Get Ahead Media will be doing on September 16-18, 2016, as part of HP 48 Hours. And we're doing it entirely on a smartphone!

We want you to be a part of the furious filmmaking experience with us! Find out how below.


If you don't already know, the 48 Hour Film Competition is an annual filmmaking competition in New Zealand that requires participants to create a film from concept, scripting, filming, editing, and handing it in within 48 hours. Let us tell you, it is a furious and sleep deprived weekend!

To make sure teams don't cheat you're given a genre (e.g comedy), character (e.g Joe Smith, a fabricator), line of dialogue (e.g "don't drop that"), a prop (e.g a card), and a technical filming technique (e.g slow motion) at the start of the competition. The short film which can be no longer than 5 minutes must include each of these components. You receive your team's details at 7pm on the Friday night and you must deliver it by hand no later than 7pm on the Sunday night. Even one second late and you're disqualified!


We want you to join us on the big weekend, so we're going to be live streaming on Facebook, tweeting, and posting on Instagram throughout the entire weekend! This is an awesome opportunity for you to see behind the scenes of just what is takes.

So join us through the furiousness - will it be smooth sailing or will we be racing to the finish line still editing the final cut? Anything can happen! Be sure to follow us on your favourite social network to catch all the action!

Want to meet the team? Here's our 'team into' (also required for the competition).

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